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Every pet owner who has a long-haired or thick-coated animal knows how difficult, time consuming and frustrating it can be for both you and your pet when dealing with matted fur.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how often you groom your dog, those large, tight knots of fur are just inevitable.  Matted fur is difficult to avoid in breeds such as the Chow, Rough Collie, Newfoundland and other long-haired types. Thick matting can be very painful and uncomfortable for an animal, especially when those mats are located behind the ears, flank or rear end areas of the pet.

De-matting skills are developed with practice over time, much like scissoring and styling and a visit to a professional Groomer is usually required.
Mat splitting requires much care and attention and by teasing small areas of matting at a time, most coats can be saved.  We will  make every effort to save a matted coat and only in the most severe cases will the coat need to be shaved to resolve the problem.

With a little attention at home, in between salon visits, this can and should be avoided, as it’s a time consuming and sometimes unpleasant experience for the animal.