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Bathing & Drying

The way we bathe your dog depends on a number of factors - age, breed, type and length of coat, condition of the skin, etc. 
We take all these into consideration when choosing the right shampoo for your dog. Our wide selection of animal shampoos ensures we have the right one suitable for your pet’s skin & coat type. 

If you bathe your dog in between your salon visits, it is extremely important to use a pet shampoo, not a product made for humans. Even products that are very mild (such as baby shampoos), can show a difference in the "pH" of the products (this is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of the products). The pH of dog shampoo is two points different to human shampoo, which is a huge difference. Using products made for humans can really dry out a dog's coat.

On average, bathing your dog once a month is plenty. Many breeds can go much longer than that.

We will advise what the correct interval should be for your dog.